MGSA Softball AGE Determination
Little League Softball is designed for 4-12 year olds. MGSA does not have a Junior Division at this time, due to lack of participation. As a result: ANY PLAYER BORN BEFORE 2004 is not eligible to play Little League Softball.

TBall - 4-6 year old
Minors - 7-9 year old
Minors Player Pitch - 8-10 (typically; however, we can petition to have older girls play in this division)
Majors - 9-12

ALL 9-12 year olds MUST attend they assessment, in order to fairly and appropriately create the teams.
Game Schedule
Current Rainouts

We are still rescheduling rain-out games with Elma; however, all Monte Tball, Coach Pitch & Player Pitch games have been rescheduled.

Teams have been notified via their team pages

Majors Teams are still being rescheduled

2017 Softball Season Frequently Asked Questions
  • Will Concessions be better this season?
    • Unfortunately as of right now there will be NO CONCESSIONS this season. We have been unable to find anyone willing or interested in doing the concession stand. Our board is made of parent volunteers and last season we did our best to run the league and the concession stand; however, there needs to be more volunteer assistance to make that option work. The concession stand works best when it is contracted out. We are open to talking with anyone who might be interested in making extra money this season!!!
  • When are Rain-Outs Determined?
    • We watch the weather models to determine the weather of the day and will check the field throughout the day. We will always try to make a final determination by 3:30-4:30pm on the day of a night game.
    • For Saturday morning games, we will check the field by 7am the morning of the game to make a final determination.
    • Coaches will be called, the website will be updated as soon as a rain-out is determined
  • Who Gets Umpires?
    • Minors Player Pitch & Majors level will have umpires for their games. Player Pitch may have coaches umpiring for some of their games, but we are trying to have outside umpires for as many games as possible.
  • What is the Priority for Rescheduling Games?
    • We have openings in our schedule, meant for rain-out rescheduling. When rescheduling, TBall games will be the lowest priority; however, we are hoping to accomodate all levels.

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